Application Form for Sales Department

This form is for applying to the vacancy of Sales Trainer.


The successful incumbent will work with various business development teams nationally and internationally in order to improve their overall capabilities, develop further their knowledge, skill-set and ameliorate their overall sales performance. Ultimately, the individual will contribute to our long-term business growth.  


The main responsibilities will be: 


  •  Identify company’s training needs of sales professionals at all levels, in collaboration with the management team.
  • Plan and implement an effective high impact training curriculum.
  • Schedule and implement appropriate training sessions, workshops and seminars for teams and individuals in order to train personnel in products, market and processes for sales excellence.
  • Provide guidance, coaching and motivate sales professionals in order to reach objectives.
  • Aptly improve company’s sales induction and training material.
  • Define sales process steps to improve conversions, shorten sales cycles and maximize wins.
  • Develop relevant systems in order to ensure that all employees are performing according to their responsibilities following the agreed targets.

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